Champions rise to the top
The 2019 Half on the Hill not only started at the half-way point of previous years, it was also run in reverse. For the history buffs it was way back in 2011 when the course was last run in an anti-clockwise direction.

This didn't stop either Aidan Fattore or Narelle Lagergren who blew fellow competitors away with powerful wins in their respective mens and ladies half marathon events. Aidan has now won 4 in a row and Narelle chalked up a hat trick of wins. 

Mia Stockwell and Isabella Salmon made it consecutive wins in the ladies team event. They were never in question, leading their nearest competitors by 5 minutes at the half way point and powering to a comfortable win. Given their young age can we see an era of dominance from Griffith's finest youngsters or will "life" catch up to them?

The winner of both the mens team event and mixed team event, whilst not suprising on paper, certainly surprised the teams themselves. Late scratchings of a member in both teams saw some "super-subs" take their place and, with it, the race win. Matt Kenny called workmate Ben Marshallsea at the eleventh hour and secured a win the mens team event. Incredibly, Gary Workman was called literally half an hour before the race to join Sheila Marcus in the mixed team event (after her friend fell ill) and they won!!!

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2019 Individual Resuts
2019 Team Results
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Back-to-back and back-to-back-to-back
Narelle Lagergren made it back-to-back women's titles in the 2018 Half on the Hill in fine style, finishing nearly 12 minutes in front of her nearest competitor. This was also a PB for Narelle. In the men's individual event, Aidan Fattore made it a hat-trick of titles and posted his best time on this course.

Young guns Mia Stockwell and Isabella Salmon teamed up in the ladies team event and grinded out a tightly fought win. Sitting in 5th position at the half mark, they showed their class by storming through the field and snatching a 4 second win over their nearest competitors.

In the men's team event, Adrian Baird and Tony Rokov never looked like losing this title. Both runners performed very strongly and deserved their title success.

Sharon Careri and Matt Kenny were the super team of the day, not only winning the mixed team title but also beating every other team (and most individual competitors) easily. Not bad for a team put together less than 36 hours before the event!
2018 Individual Resuts
2018 Team Results
Back-to-back for Aidan
Aidan Fattore smashed over a minute from his 2016 result to again reign supreme on the Hill. It could have been more if he didn't have to give way to traffic early in his race, but the result was never in doubt. A tough battle for 2nd was eventually won by Matt Kenny over Adam Johnson, an effort that was even more outstanding given Matt was almost 2 minutes behind Adam at the 11.4km "half way" point.

Narelle Lagergren had a dominant win in the women's half marathon. Karin Penninga and Julie Durbhakula fought hard for 3rd and 4th but it as always going to be Narelle's day.

The new dream team of Morena Chiappin and John Keenan took the prize for fastest team of the day but the popular winners were love-couple Bronwyn & Allan Jones who easily snatched the mixed team title. The women's team title for 2017 went to well deserving Mirella Granata and Janelle Toole.
2017 Individual Results
2017 Team Results
Aidan & Nicole take the honours
2016 Individual Results
​Congratulations to Aidan Fattore and Nicole Restagno who dominated the individual half marathon. They were popular winners with the crowd who gathered to witness their feats but their results were well worth it - a lot of hard work has paid off.

In the team events, super duo of Adam Johnson and Rodney Savage cleaned up in the mens event. "Team Fattore", consisting up super mum & dad Fiona & Simon, at last stood upon the podium in the mixed event, whilst Tammy Mingay & Melissa Sergi has a strong win in the women's catagory.
2016 Team Results
Johnson & Josling dominate
  1. zzr_DSCN0711
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  3. zzr_DSCN0685
  4. zzr_DSCN0671
  5. zzr_DSCN0668
  6. zzr_DSCN0649
  7. zzr_DSCN0637
  8. zzr_DSCN0629
  9. zzr_DSCN0615
  10. 11020252_10153459679094367_8286149864700901904_n
Adam Johnson and Tracey Josling put in powerful performances to capture  their respective titles by 3 minutes from the nearest competitor. Johnson was pushed hard by Aidan Fattore who trailed him by only 11 seconds at the half way point, but after that it was all Johnson. Tracey has etched her name into Half folklore with her 4th win around the hill. 
The team events produced some very quick times, with the winners of the Men, Women and Mixed teams posting results that left all other teams wondering what had just happened! 
2015 Overall Results
2015 Male
2015 Female
2015 Male Team
2015 Female Team
2015 MixedTeam
Team Savage Salmon make it 2 in a row
The team event of the 2104 Half on Hill was won by Rodney Savage and Anthony, making it 2 wins on the trot.
Jessie Wythes not only broke the 3 event winning spell of Tracey Josling but she also recorded the fastest womens time ever!
In the mens, Peter Pearson continued his dominant running year and also ensured the only men to ever appear on the winners podium in the history of the event was himself and Adam Johnson.
  1. Half on the Hill 2014 087
  2. Half on the Hill 2014 088
  3. Half on the Hill 2014 089
  4. Half on the Hill 2014 091
  5. Half on the Hill 2014 092
  6. Half on the Hill 2014 094
  7. Half on the Hill 2014 095
  8. Half on the Hill 2014 093
  9. Half on the Hill 2014 097
  10. Half on the Hill 2014 098
  11. Half on the Hill 2014 099
  12. Half on the Hill 2014 102
  13. Half on the Hill 2014 101
  14. Half on the Hill 2014 100
  15. Half on the Hill 2014 106
  16. Half on the Hill 2014 105
  17. Half on the Hill 2014 104
  18. Half on the Hill 2014 107
  19. Half on the Hill 2014 108
  20. Half on the Hill 2014 020
  21. Half on the Hill 2014 017
  22. Half on the Hill 2014 018
  23. Half on the Hill 2014 019
  24. Half on the Hill 2014 014
  25. Half on the Hill 2014 015
  26. Half on the Hill 2014 016
  27. Half on the Hill 2014 013
  28. Half on the Hill 2014 012
  29. Half on the Hill 2014 011
  30. Half on the Hill 2014 008
  31. Half on the Hill 2014 009
  32. Half on the Hill 2014 010
  33. Half on the Hill 2014 002
  34. Half on the Hill 2014 005
  35. Half on the Hill 2014 006
  36. Half on the Hill 2014 003
  37. Half on the Hill 2014 004
  38. Half on the Hill 2014 007
  39. Half on the Hill 2014 001
  40. Half on the Hill 2014 005
  41. Half on the Hill 2014 027
  42. Half on the Hill 2014 026
2014 Overall Results
2014 Male
2014 Female
2014 Team
Josling's hatrick
Tracey Josling etched her name into Half folklore by making it three it a row in the women's event. Can she make it four? Only time will tell.
Adam Johnson claimed his second men's title but was pushed hard by Vince Restagno who is desperate for a Half title. 
In the team event, buddies Rodney Savage and Anthony Salmon teamed up for the first time and grabbed line honours in a close finish with young guns Glen Rosato and Michael Johns.
  1. DSC_0078
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2013 Overall Results
2013 Male
2013 Female
2013 Team
Peter's perfect performance
Peter Pearson wrote his name into the Half record books by posting a very impressive time of 1:18:19 - a new course record. This made it back-to-back titles for Peter.
Tracy Josling also made it back-to-back titles by cruising to first place.
In a small field, Gary Rennie and Jeff Johnson made the team event their own, easily accounting for all other competitors.
  1. P1380872
  2. P1380856
  3. P1380660
  4. P1380659
  5. IMG_4934
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  9. IMG_4374
  10. IMG_4343
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2012 Overall Results
2012 Female
2012 Team
Sweat revenge for Tracey
The 2011 half marathon women's event was all Tracey Josling's.  Her nearest competitor was a massive 18 minutes behind her! It certainly made up for the disappointment of 2010.
In the men's event, new comer Peter Pearson was pushed all the way by out-towner Andrew Creek, but he worked hard in the closing km's to make the event his.
This year saw the the first ever teams event consisting of either 2 or 3 runners each. The trio of Keenan, Gullo and Trefilo ensured their names were list first on the  inaugural trophy. 
  1. P1330183
  2. P1330180
  3. P1330180
  4. P1330179
  5. P1330175
  6. P1330176
  7. P1330178
  8. P1330174
  9. P1330173
  10. P1330171
2011 Overall Results
2011 Male
2011 Female
2011 Team
The inaugural Half on the Hill
Only 19 runners participated in the 1st ever Half on the Hill but that did not take away from the nervous anticipation of the competitors nor the atmosphere of the day.
Adam Johnson, the man who along with Janet Mazzarolo organised the event, rightly stood atop the podium.
Teresa Burgess etched her name into the record books in the female half but was pushed all the way by a very determined Tracey Josling.
  1. WMG_3788
  2. WMG_3787
  3. WMG_3784
  4. WMG_3783
  5. WMG_3782
  6. WMG_3781
  7. WMG_3778
  8. WMG_3779
  9. WMG_3780
  10. WMG_3777
  11. WMG_3776
  12. WMG_3774
  13. WMG_3771
  14. WMG_3772
  15. WMG_3773
  16. WMG_3769
  17. WMG_3768
  18. WMG_3767
  19. WMG_3763
  20. WMG_3764
  21. WMG_3765
  22. WMG_3762
  23. WMG_3761
  24. WMG_3760
  25. WMG_3757
  26. WMG_3758
  27. WMG_3759
  28. WMG_3756
  29. WMG_3755
  30. WMG_3754
  31. WMG_3750
  32. WMG_3752
  33. WMG_3753
  34. WMG_3749
  35. WMG_3748
  36. WMG_3747
  37. WMG_3744
  38. WMG_3745
  39. WMG_3746
  40. WMG_3743
  41. WMG_3742
  42. WMG_3741
  43. WMG_3738
  44. WMG_3739
  45. WMG_3740
  46. WMG_3737
  47. WMG_3736
  48. WMG_3735
  49. WMG_3732
  50. WMG_3733
  51. WMG_3734
  52. WMG_3731
  53. WMG_3730
  54. WMG_3729
  55. WMG_3726
  56. WMG_3727
  57. WMG_3728
  58. WMG_3722
  59. WMG_3721
  60. WMG_3720a
  61. WMG_3711
  62. WMG_3716a
  63. WMG_3720
  64. WMG_3710
  65. WMG_3709
  66. P1210752
2010 Overall Results
2010 Male
2010 Female